Neil Tatar’s new CD: After the Rain

“After The Rain” is the third album from pianist/guitarist/composer Neil Tatar and is his second album recorded at Imaginary Road Studios. Co-produced by Tatar, Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton, the ten tracks include original piano and guitar solos as well as ensemble pieces that feature the talents of several of the stellar musicians who often accompany artists who record at Imaginary Road.

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The Gathering III


gathering3THE GATHERING III offers pieces from 19 artists and 74 minutes of music.
Tom and I are very proud of this collection and trust listeners will find a wealth of new music and new musicians to enjoy.
~ Will


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New Album Coming May 2017

FLOW is a New Age music group – Fiona Joy, Lawrence Blatt , Jeff Oster and Will Ackerman

In early 2015, Lawrence Blatt invited Fiona Joy, Jeff Oster and Will to join him to create an album Inspired by the iconic Windham Hill ensembles.

FLOW stands for Fiona Joy, Lawrence Blatt, Jeff Oster and Will Ackerman. It’s a group formed out of friendship and a history of working and playing together over 8 years.

With Will and Tom Eaton producing, this group will surely capture the essence of today’s New Age music.

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