Todd Mosby: On Eagle Mountain

Todd Mosby: On Eagle Mountain“Todd Mosby incorporates more influences into his composition and performance on guitar than anyone I’ve ever worked with and he doesn’t just dabble in those influences; he masters them.”

Will Ackerman

“Todd Mosby is the real deal, his music is staggeringly beautiful.”
Michael Diamond, Music & Media Focus

Lynn Yew Evers’ new cd: Elysian

Lynn Yew Evers  cd cover: Elysian“..Her gentle piano melodies, accompanied by a host of world-class musicians, caress and soothe the listener into a peaceful and relaxed state.  ….Lynn’s heartfelt playing and compositions are as emotionally evocative as they are elegantly understated, providing a collection of songs that can be enjoyed over and over again.”      Michael Diamond

Elysian was released 3/18/16 and is available on Amazon.

Joe Heinemann’s Gratitude

Gratitude CD cover
“The Latin root of the word “gratitude,” means “pleasing.” The new album by pianist and composer Joe Heinemann, which bears the name “Gratitude” certainly lives up to the origin of its title, as the word “pleasing” provides a perfect description of the graceful and elegant melodies found within it’s 11 tracks.”

Michael Diamond,
Music and Media Focus

Raphael Groten:
Journey Home

Raphael Groten, cd cover Journey Home“Raphael Groten’s music is an exercise in grace and ease. He’s not out to impress you and he’s not in a hurry. His music beguiles. He creates spaces into which one falls fully and gratefully. Raphael paints pictures of peace and contemplation and creates musical worlds that one longs to visit.”

– Will Ackerman

Jeff Oster: Next

Jeff Oster:  Next  (cd cover)Jeff Oster has always amazed me. Anyone who sounds like no one else amazes me, but a guy who grows so stunningly as a composer and player in the space of a few years inspires nothing but awe. NEXT is a step in musical evolution from where we last heard from Jeff… rather like the apes harnessing fire and inventing French cuisine. It’s a joy, as his friend and co-producer, to watch someone I love and respect grow into an artist of true importance and significance in a world of background noise.
Listen to this. It matters.
Will Ackerman

Kori Linae Carothers: Fire in the Rainstorm

Fire in the Rainstorm - cd coverKori’s CD will be out soon.

Kori Linae Carothers and I have been friends and musical collaborators for six years.     Kori’s music has evolved in its complexity and richness over the years, but the strength of her artist voice is powerful and singular enough to unify all of her work as purely her own.   In her latest work “Fire in the Rainstorm” there is a freedom and expansiveness that is the product of an artist who has come utterly into her own with poise and confidence.    I honestly believe this is her finest work yet and that we’re watching the unfolding of a very important player on the contemporary musical scene.  – Will Ackerman

Kori’s web site is: