Ann Sweeten’s Where Butterflies Dance

“There is no greater compliment I can give any musician than to say they have their own artistic voice: they are uniquely themselves and bring something utterly their own to the world. Ann Sweeten is one of those rare musicians. This is Ann’s 12th album and it is without question her most ambitious and her most successful. The grace one associates with Ann’s performance has been matched by what I believe are the best melodies of her career………… Butterflies Dance - cd by ann sweetenAt a time when many artists might choose to coast on their notoriety, Ann has raised the bar considerably and we, the listeners, are the beneficiaries of her ambition and skill. Really brilliant.” Will Ackerman

Alexi Musnitsky’s Zia

“There are few things more enjoyable as a music producer than to encounter a significant new talent and there is something additionally marvelous about discovering this in a young person who you believe to be on the cusp of great things….such is the case with Alexi.”
Will Ackerman

Todd Mosby: On Eagle Mountain

Todd Mosby: On Eagle Mountain“Todd Mosby incorporates more influences into his composition and performance on guitar than anyone I’ve ever worked with and he doesn’t just dabble in those influences; he masters them.”

Will Ackerman

“Todd Mosby is the real deal, his music is staggeringly beautiful.”
Michael Diamond, Music & Media Focus

Lynn Yew Evers’ new cd: Elysian

Lynn Yew Evers  cd cover: Elysian“..Her gentle piano melodies, accompanied by a host of world-class musicians, caress and soothe the listener into a peaceful and relaxed state.  ….Lynn’s heartfelt playing and compositions are as emotionally evocative as they are elegantly understated, providing a collection of songs that can be enjoyed over and over again.”      Michael Diamond

Elysian was released 3/18/16 and is available on Amazon.

Joe Heinemann’s Gratitude

Gratitude CD cover
“The Latin root of the word “gratitude,” means “pleasing.” The new album by pianist and composer Joe Heinemann, which bears the name “Gratitude” certainly lives up to the origin of its title, as the word “pleasing” provides a perfect description of the graceful and elegant melodies found within it’s 11 tracks.”

Michael Diamond,
Music and Media Focus

Raphael Groten:
Journey Home

Raphael Groten, cd cover Journey Home“Raphael Groten’s music is an exercise in grace and ease. He’s not out to impress you and he’s not in a hurry. His music beguiles. He creates spaces into which one falls fully and gratefully. Raphael paints pictures of peace and contemplation and creates musical worlds that one longs to visit.”

– Will Ackerman