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George Winston-Will Ackerman

George Winston visits Will’s Imaginary Road Studios in Windham County, Vermont after George’s sold out concert at the Latchis Theater in Brattleboro, VT the night before.

FLOW wins two more awards

The broadcasters have spoken, the votes have been tabulated and ZoneMusicReporter has announced the winners of the 2017 ZMR Music Awards that were presented Live in New Orleans on May 12, 2018.



Zone Music Reporter – FLOW: On Point, and On Tour!

APRIL 4, 2018

The following is a review from Samantha Garcia on Click here to read the review on the website.

Or visit the FLOW website: for more reviews, photos, etc.

FLOW: On Point, and On Tour!

It isn’t often that the New Age genre finds itself enjoying the emergence of a group such as FLOW, who recently announced their May 2018 Arrival Tour from New Orleans to Seattle, San Fran, and LA. The talented Will Ackerman, Fiona Joy, Lawrence Blatt and Jeff Oster have joined to give us an album of serene beauty. Each musician brings passion for their instruments and years of dedication to their craft into this album, manifesting a creative energy so strong that it resonates throughout every note. Nothing is wasted. Originally a project started by Lawrence Blatt, FLOW came together when he invited pianist Fiona Joy and composer Jeff Oster to collaborate with him at Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont. It wasn’t long, however, until Will became far more than just a producer, and an integral contributor to the project.

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ZMR Awards

Over the years many ZMR Awards have been given to artists who recorded at Imaginary Road Studios

Kathryn Kaye

2013 What The Winter Said (2013 ZMR Best Holiday Album)
2014 Patterns of Sun and Shade (ZMR 2015 Best Piano Album w/ Instrumentation)
2016 There Was a Time (ZMR 2016 Best Piano Album w/ Instrumentation)

Jeff Oster

2005 Released (2005 ZMR Album of the Year; 2005 Best Contemporary Instrumental Album)
2007 True (2007 ZMR Album of the Year; Best Contemporary Instrumental Album)
2011 Surrender (2011 Album of the Year; Best Chill/Groove Album)
2015 Next (2015 ZMR Album of the Year; Best Chill/Groove Album)

Jennifer DeFrayne

2014 By a Wire (ZMR 2015 Best New Artist)

Lawrence Blatt

2014 Emergence (ZMR 2014 Best Instrumental Album – Acoustic)

Jill Haley

2014 Mesa Verde Soundscapes (ZMR 2014 Best Piano Album s/ Instrumentation)


2013 Dreaming Now (2013 Best Contemporary Instrumental Album)


2012 Masako (2012ZMR Best New Artist
2013 Call of the Mountains (ZMR 2014 Best Piano Album – Solo)

Fiona Joy Hawkins

2009 Blue Dream (2009 ZMR Album of the Year; Best Contemporary Instrumental Album; Best Instrumental Album/Piano)
2013 600 Years in a Moment (2013 Best Instrumental Album – Piano)

Heidi Breyer

2010 Another Place and Time (ZMR 2010 Best New Artist; Best Instrumental Album – Piano)
2012 Beyond the Turning (ZMR 2012 Best Instrumental Album – Piano)

Todd Boston

2012 Touched by the Sun (2012 ZMR Best Instrumental Album – Acoustic)

Various Artists

2012 The Gathering I (ZMR 2012 Album of the Year; Best Contemporary Instrumental Album)

Devin Rice and Erin Aas

2010 Arrival (2010 ZMR Best Contemporary Instrumental Album)

Stanton Lanier

2009 December Peace (2009 ZMR Best Holiday Album)

Karen Marie Garrett

2007 About the Rose (2007 ZMR Best Instrumental Album- Piano)

Frank Smith

2007 Gardens of Hope (2007 ZMR Best Instrumental Album – Acoustic)