February 2014

Minstrel Streams: New Horizon

Minstrel Streams - New Horizons - cd coverThis inspired CD covers a spectrum of styles…from the classically flavored “Ancient Mariner” and “Come to the Waters” to the Native American themed “Dawn Rising” and “Visions for Tomorrow.” World music elements can be found in “Memories of Kyoto” and “Celestial’s Rainbow” (Celtic and Spanish).


Lawrence Blatt: emergence

“Lawrence’s guitar compositions have always been abundant in melody, but his new work displays a grace and nuance beyond even his brilliant initial releases.    In EMERGENCE he explores a wide range of styles and tempos while maintaining the delicate sense of unity and cohesiveness that the overall program generously provides.    We’re witnessing an artist who is growing and is doing so by refining his craft.”   Will Ackerman


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