The Studio Gear

  • Avid Pro Tools HD3 system
  • ICON D-Command Console
  • Plug-Ins by Waves, Sonnox, Sonic NoNoise, Antares, BombFactory, etc.
  • 16 custom Hemingway Mic Pres
  • Neve 8816 Summing Mixer
  • GML 8900 Dynamic Range Controller
  • ADL and Demeter direct boxes
  • Genelec 1031 monitors with Genelec Subwoofer
  • JBL LSR6328p nearfields
  • NHT M20 mini monitors
  • Neumann U67s (2) Klaus Heyne modified
  • Neumann KM256s (2) Klaus Heyne modified
  • Neumann KM 184s (2)
  • AKG 414B-ULS (2) AKG
  • AKG 451 (2)
  • Avantone C12s (2)
  • Avantone C28s (2)
  • Schoepps SDC(2)
  • Beyer M160s (2)
  • Shure SM57s (2)
  • EV RE20s (2)
  • Audix D6
  • Many other microphones available on request

Prior to 2001, we felt that any digital recording device other than the Sony 3324 DASH recorder outfitted with Apogee filters was a compromise in sonic quality. Bud Costanza (as the 3324 was affectionately called) finally retired after tracking many of the Windham Hill releases and dozens for Imaginary Road. The twin Yamaha DMC 1000 digital consoles had become so attached to Bud, that news of his departure sparked their violent revolt, followed by depression and an incurable drinking binge. The 12-step research program to find the best system to replace these key elements resulted in the adoption of ProTools. Version 5.1 could finally make an edit without creating digital noise and new 24-bit capabilities yield uncompromising precision in all stages of the creative process. Now, in 2012, with a full ProTools HD system and Apogee AD16x/DA16x converters, we have amazing capabilities. The ICON console provides a full featured automated interface with seemingly infinite flexibility, 24 assignable motorized faders, and efficiency features galore. Numerous plug-ins (Waves, Sound Toys, Sonnox, etc.) provide an arsenal of tools and effects to create the same (if not higher) level of quality that Will has always demanded from his recordings. Out of respect to Bud (and habit), we still refer to “going to tape” despite the fact that everything is on hard-drives now. We have also added a Neve 8816 summing mixer for those situations which may benefit from analog summing in the final stages.

The signal path prior to getting to “tape” is still critical. The microphone locker includes numerous vintage Neumann tube microphones, all fully restored by Klaus Heyne of German Masterworks, as well as some newer mics by Neumann, AKG, Schoepps, Beyer, Shure, and ElectroVoice. We are privileged to have two “one-of-a-kind” 8 channel custom-made mic pres by Jim Hemingway. GML compressor/limiters are available, as well as other devices by TC Electronics, Kurzweil, and Lexicon. The primary monitors are soffit-mounted Genelec 1031-As and JBL LSR6238s. An array of smaller reference monitors by Yamaha, Boston Acoustics and KEF are available as well.

Please e-mail or call us to find out more technical details. Call (207) 929-5777 between 8:30 a.m. and noon EST, Monday – Friday.